ana Ana Alcaide concerti 2016 - Spirito Pianeta
ana alcaide

ana alcaide


29 may 2016


Ana Alcaide is a performer, composer and musical producer from Toledo Spain and her activity is based on the research of ancient traditions and cultures. Her last album “ La Cantina del Fuego” has been internationally recognized and for several months was figuring among the first 10 albums of the European classification “ World Music Chart Europe”. She was well known in Spain before “ La Cantina del Fuego” but this album , initially self-produced, launched her towards an international successful career. She toured around Argentina, Uruguay and Germany in May 2013 and was selected to be Spain’s representative to participate to the UER FOLK FESTIVAL hold in Varna (Bulgaria) Her musical career started when studying biology. Alcaide travelled to Sweden in 2000 where she was first exposed to the Nyckelharpa, a traditional Swedish instrument that dates from medieval times. Attracted by the complexity and depth of its sound, Alcaide taught herself how to play the Nyckelharpa on the streets of Toledo Spain and then in 2005 she returned to Sweden to further pursue her music studies and to specialize in this Swedish folk instrument. During this time, she was also influenced by other musical traditions and began studying other instruments and voice. She graduated from Malmö Academy of Music (Bachelor in Performing Arts) after successfully completing a personalized program in which she focused on world music, combining her interest in traditional music with the study of more modern techniques. Alcaide published her debut album Viola de Teclas ("Keyed Viola", an alternative name for the nyckelharpa in Spanish) in 2006. She has played a pioneering role in introducing and popularizing the nyckelharpa in Spain. Her second album, Como la Luna y el sol, was the result of the final degree project she completed while at the Malmö Academy of Music. This album features interpretations of traditional Sephardic music. Normally her music is described as the soundtrack of Toledo. A new creation, modern, inspired by old traditions, which summarizes musical styles of different cultures. Ana Alcaide gets her inspiration from the wonderful town of Toledo and produces her songs, adds compositions and tunes and adjusts the instrument to ancestral melodies whose origins are from the medieval Spain and spreading all around the Mediterranean Sea.