antonio castrignano

antonio castrignano


02 JUNE 2016


ANTONIO CASTRIGNANÒ is a musician from Salerno, south of Italy. He has been the voice and the drum of the NIGHT OF TARANTA , has played and cooperated with big artists such as STEWART COPELAND, MAURO PAGANI, GIULIANO SANGIORGI, NEGRAMARO, THE CHIEFTAINS, GORAN BREGOVIC, BALLAKÈ SISSOKO, LUDOVICO EINAUDI, MARCAN DEDE…. He has performed on prestigious stages during international Festivals and has become a celebrity symbol of the musical revival tradition of Salento. He has composed the sound track of the movie “ NUOVOMONDO” by EMANUELE CRIALESE, Golden Lyon during the Venice Film Festival in 2006, and a movie which has received several acknowledgements and candidate to the NASTRI D'ARGENTO ( SILVER RIBBON) CIAK D'ORO ( GOLDEN CIAK) in 2007. You can hear his music also in the movie “BELLAS MARIPOSAS “by SALVATORE MEREU, winner of the award “ SCHERMI DI QUALITÀ “ and award “PREMIO FEDIC” during Venice Film Festival in 2012. For geographic reasons and for his age , ANTONIO CASTRIGNANÒ started rediscovering popular music from Salento when he was a teenager , but his artistic path didn’t melt in the phenomena which was growing around him but started tracing its developments . In this way he signed a turning point in the moment in which Pizzica ( another traditional music ) was infecting Salento .