Bepi and the prismas

Bepi and the prismas


02 JUNE 2016


After performing two times as a trio in 2014 Bepi comes back to Lo Spirito del Pianeta in his best role : playing with the Prismas . Actually it s not easy to support his curiosity and to play any kind of music and mingle constantly from tribute to parody. For sure the Nashville experience has intensified his sleeping country soul and we bet that also this year he will hit some blues , jump from hard rock to funky and so on . Tiziano Incani ( real name of Bepi ) doesn’t give a damn about what is right or not . Actually his “ hard-nosed” attitude has created conflicts and dissatisfactions , but time has revealed it to be a smart move . It s not easy to be a “ Bergamasco ” and he knows it very well . He has always loved challenges , initially demonstrating that though singing in Bergamasco dialect you can still reach success and then to getting rid of the popular opinion that traps you to be a caricature. 12 years ago somebody thought he was a flash in the pan but , here he is still always ready to change and reinvent himself ! His trip has been accompanied by the release of 14 albums which vary from the carefreeness of “ Kentucky” cabaret style to the more serious “ Gleno” . His “ Bepi Quiss” ( a Quiz game related to Bergamo and Province) has been on the run for 4 seasons now exiting every week BERGAMO TV audience. In November 2015 his 530 pages auto biography titled PROUD has been published ( Silele Edition) reveling Bepi as a writer. Now the goal is to reach a higher and new level and to spread this “ way of being Bergamasco” without being scared of anything or anybody and trying not to loose the frank and genuine attitude which are the characteristics of the Orobian people’s soul.