davide van de sfross

davide van de sfroos


27 may 2016


Davide Bernasconi known as “ Davide Van De Sfroos” is and Italian singer/songwriter born in Monza and brought up on the Lake of Como. His name ( literally “ David They Go Smuggling” ) is an expression in the laghèe dialect (a language spoken in the Lake Como region) meaning "smuggling”. In 15 years of musical career as solo artist he has released six albums , recently has won the Maria Carta Award and won two times the Targa Tenco Award as “ best emerging songwriter” in 1999 and “best Album in dialect “ in 2002. He classified 4th during the San Remo festival ( music festival ) in Italy with “Yanez” a song written and sang in laghee dialect , which gave the name to the fifth album and whose success has filled up ,with a sold out ,the Mediolanum Forum of Assago . In 2015 he has released the studio album “ Goga and Magoga” , which has reached the second place of the FIMI/GFK classification as one of the most sold discs in Italy . On December the 4th 2015 he has published “ Synfuniia” a selection of his most famous songs played by the Bulgarian national Radio Symphony Orchestra of Sophia , directed by Director Vito Lo re. The collection “ Best of 1999-2011” has just been recognized as Gold Disc