Dessana amazzonia


amazzonia brasile panama

09 JUNE 2016


The Dessana culture dates back to more than two tousand years. At the beginning, the soil was covered with water, then a fire burst out. Thereafter the earth was created where our ancestors were born. At first, our ancestors were invisible. Originally, we came from the land where now Rio de Janeiro is. Our God created a boat, the BOREKA, a generation snake or canoe (transformation), he took the 26 indigenous tribes with him and started rowing until they reached the outlet of the Amazon river. Then they moved along the Amazon river until the two rivers, Rio Negro and Rio Solimöes met, continued along Rio Negro until they reached the outlet of Rio Waupés, moved along Rio Waupés and, as they reached a waterfall, (IPANURÉ falls), the ancestors became human beings.