29 may 2016


Goitse is an informal Gaelic Irish greeting meaning ‘come here’ and name of the quintet formed by talented musicians. They have made a name for themselves as one of the most sought after bands amongst connoisseurs of Irish Traditional music cross the globe, with their performances gaining notoriety across four continents and especially in Ireland, U.s.a., Finland, Denmark and even Africa . Their distinctive sound lies in the quality of their own compositions interspersed with traditional tunes from Ireland and abroad, which make each set entertaining and unique. “Music that’s brimming with energy and creative zeal” writes the Irish Music Magazine. The gripping rhythm section sets a break taking pace for the music while the sweet, charismatic voice of Áine Mc Geeney draws audiences into the music in a way very few performers can achieve. Their first album “ Goitse “ released in January 2010 has been well rated while recent album “ Transformed” (launched in April 2012 and produced by Donal Lunny) makes the band “ step out of the margins into fist category “ always according to Irish Music Magazine. On May the 1st 2014 they release their album Tall Tales and Misadventures, which has received rave reviews as the band continues to take the traditional Irish music scene by storm and become more and more confident about its capacities. Kieran Munnelly and Martin Brunsden are among the musician hosted and are a confirmation to the young Irish band ( all in their twenties) which we have had the pleasure to listen to during their concerts in Italy . Forged in the white-hot creative crucible of Limerick University’s Irish World Academy of Music and Dance, the quintet have graduated with a musical maturity worthy of the greatest. Recently has been crowned Live Ireland’s ‘Traditional group of the Year’ for 2015 from the famous Internet Radio & TV of Dublin, Live Ireland. The wonderful quintet is playing the album Tall Tales and Misadventure around the world in 2015/16 . The young and talented musicians gained great respect and are young enough to enjoy the best of the future years. They are really excellent and the music they create is unique . So young so good wow !