Inis fail

Inis fail


02 JUNE 2016


INISFAIL's artistic journey started in 1996, and thanks to fifteen years of intense performances in the most varied contexts (festivals, pubs, TV programmes, theatres, etc), they are now one of the most beloved folk bands in Italy. With their energy and passion, the band has conquered the audiences of Switzerland, Germany and France, with the cooperation of important Irish artists, such as Arty McGllyn, Nolagh Casey, John McSherry, Michael McGoldrick, Liam O'Connor and Alan Kelly. The members have been faithful to their unique sound throughout the years, a mix of tradition and innovation. One of the latest additions is Irish fiddler Colm Murph, who completes and adds to the “Irish” character of the band with his excellent technique and great imagination. The Band has released 4 albums ("Tradizionale" 1998, "One More" 2001, "The Blue Bottle" 2004, and "Rebound" 2006). The last album was released in 2015. INISFAIL's performance introduces the typical acoustics of Irish music, for you to listen and dance. What makes their concerts special is the sound system tailored to alternating Irish melodies and personal arrangement; a compact rhythmic section where each soloist has a chance to show their skill, and Alessia's voice, in perfect Irish style, completes the atmosphere evoked by the musicians.. It is the syntheses of research, innovation and respect of Irish traditions that paces INISFAIL among the most appreciated folk bands in the Italian scene. The audience will be drawn into the performance by their communicative and expressive energy. Their alternating pieces transcend the typical Irish pub atmosphere and adapts itself to both large events and more intimate settings. Band members -Luca Crespi: Irish bagpipe, Irish flute, whistle pipe ; Colm Murphy: fiddle, piano, vocals; Lucia Picozzi: accordion; Alessia Pasini: vocals, bodhràn; Francesco Bettoni: guitar.