saor patrol concerto



07 JUNE 2016


The bagpipe, considered the Scottish national instrument, accompanies the notes of a group which, with its determination and its drums knows how to make us feel the Scottish air in our lungs, the real one: Saor Patrol! The name of this group originates from the Gaelic language and literally it means “freedom patrol" (saorsa is the gaelic word for the concept of liberty and freedom). This because the group isn't a mere musical group: Saor Patrol (Clanranald Trust for Scotland) are cultural messengers of ancient traditions that require commitment and dedication for being able to survive. Since 1996, their project is to build a Celtic fort DunCarron) near Edinburgh, so to be able to transmit to everybody, and especially to children, the love for their own past.
The perimeter, reception, restrooms and parking lot of this fort is now ready and the rest will be finished within the end of 2012.

The Clanranald Trust for Scotland has taken part to a number of important films, such as:
The Gladiator
King Arthur
Robin Hood

Russel Crowe has expressed his intention to film next episode of Robin Hood in the Duncarron Fort.