Val D'aosta

28 may 2016


The group “Trouveur Valdoten” was established at the end of the seventies. Troveur Valdoten carry out their ethno-musicological research in the area of the Western Alps. Their aim is to enliven this culture, making it actual and sensitive to today’s sounds. They achieve this through the analysis and elaboration of chants and dances, of dreamt images or real situations, thus contributing to the safeguard of the peculiarities of a francophone region within Italy, such as the Aosta Valley. This family has transformed a passion into a profession – the heritage of a dynamic memory surviving thanks to the creative contribution of its performers. The concert is a unique opportunity to listen unpublished material, with its archaic original character enhanced by rich, dynamic and fresh arrangements. The family sized ensemble of musicians, made up by the members of the Boniface family (father, mother and two sons) reaches the ears and touches the heart of the audience, who, through this music, discover a cultural and linguistic reality, anchored to the history of this mountain region, the Aosta Valley, and more generally of the Western Alps.