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The elders of Cherokee tribe say that their people , which name is “ the Principle people “ or “ Ani Yonwiyah” come from the Pleiades. Their language . or better its original root, is nowadays spoken by a very strict group of people and is called Elati. Cherokee who speak this language don’t say actual words , they emit sounds which carry a strong spiritual meaning. According to Cherokee culture to speak means more “ to be “ than “ to communicate”. Elati language is called the ancestors language or “ star language” , used by the “ sacred men” or holders of history and of Cherokee people’s laws According to the oral tradition of this people, Cherokee landed on this Planet 250.000 years ago coming from Pleiades, whereas in their language the translation of Pleiades means Elders/Ancestors. According to the culture of this ancient people , Planet earth used to be called “ children’s planet” or “ planet of sons of the stars”, where human being , not only native tribes, were created by aliens . Knowledge of the Cherokee “Twisted hair Society “ goes back to when 12 planets inhabited by humans existed and their elders used to meet on one planet called "Osiriaconwiya” or better the forth planet of the constellation of the Major Dog, that is Sirius. During these meetings , they used to discuss about the future of planet Earth , called "Eheytoma” in Cherokee language ( children’s planet) , that is the 13th planet, symbolism connected to myths of the 13th Jewish tribe and other myths .These wise men recorded all their knowledge in 12 crystal skulls which they called Ark di Osiriaconwiya", and brought them on earth so that the inhabitants could refer to them one day and know everything about their real origins. The elders found a way to be able to communicate with the people of this Earth from their own planets with the assistance of two great domes, one red and the other blue, that were located beneath the Ocean. And they helped the people of the Earth to build four great civilizations, the civilizations of Lemuria, Mu, Mieyhun, and Atlantis. And they used the knowledge of the skulls to begin the great mystery schools, the arcane wisdom schools, and the secret medicine societies. And they began to spread this information. The skulls were kept inside a pyramid and positioned in a formation of tremendous power known as the Ark. the Ark was comprised of the twelve skulls from each of the sacred planets kept in a circle, with a 13 th skull, the largest, placed in the center of this formation. This thirteenth skull represents a collective consciousness of all the planets. It connects the knowledge of all the sacred planets. The traveling people that first brought (to the Americas when Atlantis was lost) the Ark of the Sinning Skulls came to be known as the Olmec, and then it migrated up and was taken over in legacy by the Mayans and then by the Aztecs, and now this knowledge today is still held by the Twisted Hairs. Unfortunately Spanish conquerors , Cortes and other Europeans invaded the Americas and stopped any development of the Amerindians